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Access Recovery Charge

The Access Recovery Charge, or “ARC”, is a gradual, measured, monthly charge adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This multi-year transition fee is just one part of the Inter-Carrier Compensation (ICC) Reform. The Access Recovery Charge is designed to recover increased network costs for access circuits used to provide service to customers. Overall, the ICC Reform facilitates a continued investment in broadband infrastructure.  This fee only applies to business line customers.

Residential Line Accounts — No ARC fee
Single-line Business Accounts — $3.00 per month ARC fee
Multi-line Business Accounts — $3.00 per month ARC fee

Though the FCC Reform will impact Ben Lomand Connect and our customers, we strive to give you the best products, services, and prices. If you want more information about the reform, please visit the FCC website or contact any of our local offices/numbers listed below.

Local office numbers

McMinnville: (931) 668-4131
Sparta: (931) 738-2201
Tracy City: (931) 592-2121
Crossville: (931) 484-5097
Manchester: (931) 450-1252

Community-Specific Contact Numbers

Beech Grove: (931) 394-2101
Hillsboro/Pelham: (931) 596-2247
Sewanee: (931) 203-3999
Spencer: (931) 946-7794

Capital Credit Info
What is capital credit?

Ben Lomand Telephone Cooperative is a non-profit membership corporation. This means the money received from members for services should be just enough to meet expenses. In practice, we operate the business to make a profit so we can be sure to have enough money to cover all expenses. To preserve our non-profit status, we return this profit to our members. Members are those customers who live in our cooperative service area, have landline phone service with us, and have paid a membership fee.

How are Capital Credits assigned?

When the books are closed and audited at the end of the year, the exact amount of profit is determined. This amount is then credited to the members based on the amount of business each member did with Ben Lomand that year.

How are Capital Credits paid?

Payment of Capital Credits is not automatic. Ben Lomand’s Board of Directors decides when to pay the credits based on the financial condition of the organization.

Taxes on Capital Credits

Ben Lomand does not report Capital Credit assignment or payment of Capital Credits to the IRS. These amounts are considered to be a refund of overpayment of services. Your Capital Credit refund however, may or may not be taxable depending on your tax filing status. Please contact your advisor for more information.

When you move

Capital Credit checks are mailed to the last known address. Please stay in touch if you move, so you can be assured of receiving your checks in the years to come. To report a change of address, contact any service representative in our business office. Capital Credit refund checks that are not cashed are sent to the State of Tennessee as unclaimed property after 3 years. All dormant checks are subject to a yearly handling fee that is deducted from the amount of the check before it is turned over to the state.

In Case of Separation or Divorce

Checks are payable to the person(s) whose name is on the membership, regardless of who pays the bill. In the case of a separation or divorce, the person continuing to occupy the residence should contact the business office to change the membership name, if necessary.

In Case of Death

In the case of a single membership, at the time of death, all Capital Credits are payable to the estate. The executor of the estate should report the death to our business office.

In case of a Joint Membership

When one member dies, a change in the membership name must be made to ensure the future capital credits can be cashed by the surviving member.

Explanation of Bill
Explanation of your Telephone Bill
Local Service

This is the basic charge for unlimited local calling. It includes all equipment needed between the central office and your home. It also includes access to a long-distance company, access to directory assistance, and directory listing.

Emergency 9-1-1

This fee is collected and sent to the county you live in to support access to emergency assistance such as fire and ambulance.

Federal Universal Charge

This charge is how the telephone company recovers its contribution to the Universal Service Fund. This fund supports programs such as Lifeline, schools, and libraries.

FCC Access Charge

This mandatory charge applies to every telephone and appears as a separate line item on telephone bills. This charge is applied whether or not the user ever places a long-distance call over the network. Access charges differ for residential and business users and single lines versus multiple-line users.


The Access Recovery Charge or “ARC” is a gradual, measured, monthly charge adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This multi-year transition fee is just one part of the Inter-Carrier Compensation (ICC) Reform. The Access Recovery Charge is designed to recover increased network costs for access circuits used to provide service to customers. Overall, the ICC Reform facilitates a continued investment in broadband infrastructure. This fee is only applied to business line customers.

Online Billing

Go to our website for more information regarding online billing (SmartHub).

For secure payment by phone call (855) 874-5356. American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover accepted.

Billing Schedule

The first bill sent to a new customer is for the service already used (from the date of the installation to the billing date) plus one month in advance. The billing date appears on the first page of the bill. Bills are due and payable when rendered. Bills are past due 15 days from the billing date.

NOTE: Past-due bills are subject to disconnect without further notice. Your service may be disconnected for failure to pay any portion of the bill. When service is disconnected for nonpayment, a charge is made for restoral after complete payment of the amount due.

Non-Sufficient Fund Checks

Upon receipt of an NSF check from the bank, you will be notified. NSF checks are not re-deposited unless it is a bank error. A handling charge will be collected for NSF checks. If the NSF check results in the disconnection of the telephone service, a reconnection charge will also apply.


A fee will be charged to reconnect service.

Inside Wire
What is it?
  • Provides trouble isolation and repair of customers Inside Wires and Jacks (must be installed in compliance with FCC local building and fire codes).
Why do I want it?
  • Think of it as a maintenance plan you might select for your major appliances, electronics, etc.
  • You will receive professional installation and repair from the trained staff at Ben Lomand.
What does it cover?
  • If you experience problems such as: static on the line, cutoffs, cannot hear, etc., your wire maintenance agreement will cover the charge for a professional to come to your home, evaluate, and repair the problem (provided the problem is caused by the wiring or jacks). The technician may also be able to suggest an alternative to solve the trouble.
What doesn’t it cover?
  • Repair of the telephone set.
  • The inside wire and jacks must have been originally installed based on FCC local building and fire codes.
  • Buried cable between buildings not installed by the telephone company.
  • New Installation locations.
International Access #'s
American Samoa 633-2623
Antigua (pay phones only) #2
Argentina %22 001-800-333-1111
Aruba + 800-8888
Australia (CC)~OPTUS^ 1-800-551-111
Australia (CC)~TELSTRA^ 1-800-881-100
Austria (CC)~ 022-903-012
Bahamas (CC)~ 1-800-999-9000
Bahrain 800-002
Barbados (pay phones only) 1-800-888-8000
Belarus (CC) 8-800-103
(most locations) 8*-800-103
(from Gomel & Mogilev) 8*-10-800-103
Belgium (CC)~ 0800-10012
Belize (pay phones) 815
(from hotels) 557
Bermuda (payphones) 1-800-623-0484
Bolivia~ 0-800-2222
Brazil (CC) 000-8012
British Virgin Islands + ~ 1-800-999-9000
Brunei 800-011
Bulgaria 00800-0001
Canada (CC) & 1-800-674-2121
Cayman Islands 1-800-999-9000
Chile (CC) using CTC^ 800-207-300
Chile using ENTEL^ 123-00316
China (CC) % 108-12
Colombia (CC)~ 980-16-0001
Costa Rica~ 0800-012-2222
Croatia (CC) 99-385-0112
Cyprus~ 080-90000
Czech Republic (CC) %22 00-42-000112
Denmark (CC)~ 8001-0022
Dominica 1-800-888-8000
Dominican Republic (CC) 1-800-999-9000
Ecuador (CC)+ 999-170
Egypt (CC)~ within Cairo 355-5770
Egypt (CC)~ outside Cairo 02-355-5770
El Salvador~ 195
Fiji 004-890-1002
Finland (CC)~ 9800-102-80
France (CC)~ 19*-00-19
French Antilles (CC)$ 190019
Federated States of Micronesia 624
Gabon 00-005
Gambia~ 00-1-99
Germany (CC) 0130-0012
Greece (CC)~ 00-800-1211
Grenada + 1-800-624-8721
Guam (CC) 950-1022
Guatemala~ 189
Guyana 177
Haiti (CC)+ 001-800-444-1234 or 190
Honduras + 122
Hong Kong (CC) 800-1121
Hungary (CC)~ 00*-800-01411
Iceland (CC)~ 800-9002
India (CC)% 000-127
Indonesia (CC)~ 001-801-11
Iran+ Special Phones Only
Ireland (CC)~ 1-800-55-1001
Israel (CC) 177-150-2727
Italy (CC)~ 172-1022
Ivory Coast 1001
Jamaica (collect)> 800-999-9000
Jamaica (select hotels) 873
Japan~ using KDD^ 0039-121
Japan~ using IDC^ 0066-55-121
Kazakhstan (CC) 1-800-999-9000
Kenya % 080011
Korea (CC) using KT^ 009-14
Korea using DACOM^ 0039-12
Korea phone booths+ Red button 03, then press *
Kuwait 800-624
Lebanon (CC)+ using BLC network 600-624
Lebanon using PTT within Beirut 425-036
Lebanon using PPT outside Beirut 01-425-036
Liechtenstein (CC)~ 155-0222
Luxembourg 0800-0112
Macau 0800-131
Malaysia (CC)~ 800-0012
Mexico 95-800-674-7000
Monaco (CC)~ 19*-00-19
Morocco 00-211-0012
Netherlands (CC)~ 06-022-91-22
Netherlands Antilles (CC)+ 001-800-950-1022
New Zealand 000-912
Nicaragua (CC) within Managua 166
Nicaragua outside Managua 02-166
Norway (CC)~ 800-19912
Panama 108
Papau New Guinea (CC) 05-07-19140
Paraguay+ 008-11-800
Peru 170
Phillippines (CC)~ 105-14
Poland (CC) 00-800-111-21-22
Portugal (CC)+ 05-017-1234
Puerto Rico (CC)& 1-800-674-2121
Qatar (CC)%22 0800-012-77
Romania (CC)+ 01-800-1800
Russia (CC)+ 8*10-800-497-7222
Saipan (CC)+ 950-1022
San Marino (CC)~ 172-1022
Saudia Arabia (CC) 1-800-11
Singapore 8000-112-112
Slovak Republic (CC) 00-42-000112
Slovenia 0800-99-0011
South Africa (CC) 0800-99-0011
Spain (CC) 900-99-0014
Sri Lanka within Colombo 440100
Sri Lanka outside Colombo 01-440100
St. Lucia+ 1-800-674-7000
Sweden (CC)~ 020-795-922
Switzerland (CC)~ 155-0222
Syria 0800
Taiwan (CC)~ 0080-13-4567
Thailand %22 001-999-1-2001
Trinidad & Tobago Special Phones Only
Turkey (CC)~ 00-8001-1177
Turks & Caicos 1-800-888-8000
Ukraine (CC)+ 8*10-013
United Arab Emirates 800-11
United Kingdom using BT^ 0800-89-0222
United Kingdom using MERCURY^ 0500-89-0222
Uruguay 000-412
U.S. Virgin Islands (CC)& 1-800-674-2121
Vatican City (CC) 172-1022
Venezuela+~ 800-1114-0
Vietnam 1201-9999


(CC) Inter- and Intra- country calling available
+ Not available from all phones
* Wait for second dial tone
^ International telecommunications carrier
%22 Not available from public pay phones
~ Public phones may require deposit of coin or phone card for dial tone
% Available from most major cities
& Use the 800 card access number on the back of your BLC calling card
What is the Lifeline Program?

Established by the FCC to ensure that telephone service is available and affordable for low-income telephone subscribers. Administered by the TN Regulatory Authority, the Lifeline program reduces the monthly local service portion of your telephone bill. Lifeline does not assist with the long-distance portion of your bill or with special features such as Caller ID or Call Waiting.

Do you need help paying for telephone service?

If so, you may be eligible to enroll in the Lifeline program if you participate in one of the following (Tennessee criteria):

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Veterans Pension or Survivor’s Pension
  • Income-based eligibility
  • Additional eligibility programs for Tribal lands

If you “DO NOT” receive public assistance, you may qualify if your total household gross monthly income is at or below the guidelines.

There are three ways to apply for Lifeline
  1. Call Ben Lomand Connect to provide you with an application.
  2. Email (LifelineSupport@usac.org OR Phone 1-800-234-9473) to request that a paper application be mailed to you
  3. Go to https://www.lifelinesupport.org/ to apply

Voice Mail User Guide
Access Numbers

815-0318 — Warren Co. & McMinnville
738-0318 — White Co.
692-0318 — Grundy Co.
467-0318 — Pelham
946-0318 — Van Buren Co.
596-0318 — Hillsboro
394-0318 — Beech Grove
787-1995 — Crossville


Voice Mail Options
Press 1 to get NEW MESSAGES

1 = Repeat message
2 = Save message
3 = Delete message
4 = Reply to message
5 = Copy message
# = Leave as new message and go to next message
* = Back to main menu

Press 2 to SEND a MESSAGE

– Enter 10 digit number or group list then press # #
– Record message and press #
– To send message press #

Press 3 to work with GREETINGS MENU

1 = Personal greeting
2 = Extended absence greeting
3 = System generated greeting or change recording of name
5 = Greeting they will hear while you’re on the phone
6 = Out of hours greeting
* = Exit Menu

Press 4 to change MAILBOX SETTINGS

1 = Work w/group list
2 = Hands free and time saver options
3 = Security options
5 = Notification options
6 = Additional settings
* = Exit Menu

Press 6 to hear DELETED MESSAGES

1 = Repeat
2 = Restore
3 = Permanently delete
4 = Reply
5 = Send a copy

Leave Mailbox & Logon as another Subscriber

– Enter 10 digit phone number followed by #
– Enter pin code followed by #

Helpful Hints

– Dial 0

To EXIT Mailbox

– Dial *

All users will need to dial into their voice mail to initialize their new mailbox. Messages will not be able to be retrieved until mailbox is initialized.