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Ben Lomand Connect Connection July/August 2020. Broadband: helping you farm. Field of dreams: Davis family keeps farming legacy alive. Along for the ride: bike giveaway keeps kids in school. Growing the future: broadband revolutionizes agriculture.

Jul-Aug 2020

What’s Inside
Davis Farms embraces traditions and technology, bike giveaway keeps keeps kids in school, tips for working from home . . .

May-Jun 2020

What’s Inside
The Biz Foundry, Crossville coffe shop, Unlocking the potential of rural business, Broadband – essential business . . .

Mar-Apr 2020

What’s Inside
Streaming boxes and security, Honoring a committment to the community, A biblical journey, What’s on VOD . . .

Jan-Feb 2020

What’s Inside
The future of telehealth, Ben Lomand Connect receives USDA grant, Follow the Hank Williams trail . . .

Nov-Dec 2019

What’s Inside
Digital Connections, Animal Devotion, .Esports Go Mainstream . . .

Sep-Oct 2019

What’s Inside
A Capitol Investment, Shaping A Generation, A New Approach . . .

Jul-Aug 2019

What’s Inside
Beat the Heat, Making Art, Wooden Wonders . . .

May-Jun 2019

What’s Inside
Fighting Robocalls, Creating Smiles, Bringing Economic Hope. . .

Mar-Apr 2019

What’s Inside
Plugged in Pediatrics, Doctors on Demand, Kids of the Community. . .

Jan-Feb 2019

What’s Inside
Take A Sip of History, Rethinking Rural, Ewe+I . . .

Nov-Dec 2018

What’s Inside
Release Your Inner Fashionista, Let it Snow, A Community Spark . . .

Sep-Oct 2018

What’s Inside
Rural Services Youth Tour, Treat Your Pet, The Low-Carb Life. . .

Jul-Aug 2018

What’s Inside
The Fiery Gizzard, Funnel Cakes and Rides, Dinner to Your Door. . .

May-Jun 2018

What’s Inside
Big Fish in a Small Pond, Enjoying a Refreshing Dip, The Art of Low and Slow. . .

Mar-Apr 2018

What’s Inside
The Best BBQ In The South, Preserving History, Technology At The Top, Cell Phones Turn 45 . . .

Jan-Feb 2018

What’s Inside
Learning the Language of Tech, Beans & Books, Fiber Keeps Campus Connected, A Getaway to Romance . . .

Nov-Dec 2017

What’s Inside
Diligent Diagnosis, Tree Traditions, Annex Cafe, Kid Friendly Streaming, Gadgets to Give . . .

Sep-Oct 2017

What’s Inside
‘A Capital Experience’ – Essay winners join the annual D.C. youth tour, Meet the Legends of Southern Sports, Mountain Top Tennessee Outreach Project, Meals on Wheels . . .

Jul-Aug 2017

What’s Inside
‘Forged In Fire’ – Local blacksmith wins on History’s hit TV Show, Meet your Ben Lomand Connect Board Members, Watermelon festival,  Ransomeware, Travel tips for digital family . . .

May-Jun 2017

What’s Inside
Serving Up A Winner (Prater’s BBQ), Reels to Rentals (movie reviews for BTLV’s audience), Annual Meeting Recap, Bonnaroo Boom, New rules to block robocalls, VOD New Releases . . .

Mar-Apr 2017

What’s Inside
Learning Experience – Morrison Public Library is a hub of activity, A Calming Voice – 911 Dispatchers keep others safe, Peach Beaches – Family friendly ideas for spring break . . .

Jan-Feb 2017

What’s Inside
BLC is GIG Certified, Table Talk – New Show on BLTV, Foundation for Rural Service Scholarship Available, VOD New Release Schedule, Trips for the Birds, Protect Your Identity . . .

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Ben Lomand Connect

Ben Lomand Connect was founded in 1952 as Ben Lomand Telephone Cooperative as a provider of telephone service in rural areas that larger companies refused to serve. Over the years we have grown into a full service telecommunications provider for Warren, White, Van Buren, Grundy counties. Our service also touches several of their surrounding counties. Our Facebook page is predeominately about things we do within these communities to show our efforts to give back to those we serve.
Ben Lomand Connect
Ben Lomand Connect was live.Tuesday, August 11th, 2020 at 3:02pm
Ben Lomand Connect
Ben Lomand Connect
Ben Lomand ConnectMonday, August 10th, 2020 at 2:23pm
***IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR WARREN COUNTY RESIDENTS*** BLTV Channel 6 (6-SD/306-HD) and the Ben Lomand Connect Facebook page will be broadcasting LIVE a Warren County COVID-19 update with County Executive Jimmy Haley Tuesday (8/11/2020) at 10am.
Ben Lomand Connect
Ben Lomand ConnectFriday, August 7th, 2020 at 8:06pm
With school quickly approaching, we want to remind parents that we have WiFi hotspots at the following locations.

Ben Lomand Connect's Main office, 311 North Chancery St.
Covenant Academy, 1079 Country Club Drive (Morrison/Smartt Station area)
Van Buren County Justice Center, 121 Taft Dr. Spencer
Ben Lomand's Crossville office, 205 O'Brien Dr.
Manchester Coffee County Conference Center, 147 Hospitality Blvd.
Ben Lomand Connect Technology Center, 2721 Gnat Hill Rd. Manchester (Pocahontas Community)
Ben Lomand's Sparta office, 502 Ben Lomand Dr.
White County Sports Complex, 4201 Smithville Hwy.
Ben Lomand Connect Tracy City Office, 67 Main Street
Ben Lomand Connect Technology Center, 3375 Jump Off Rd. Sewanee (Jump Off Community)

We ask that you utilize the service from your vehicle to maintain safe social distancing. Let's make this school year the very best possible and THANK YOU to EVERYONE working in the school system's both public & private to keep our kids educated and safe!
Ben Lomand Connect
Ben Lomand Connect was live.Friday, August 7th, 2020 at 12:00am
BLTV SPECIAL: August 6th, 2020 Election Coverage
Ben Lomand Connect
Ben Lomand Connect
Ben Lomand ConnectThursday, August 6th, 2020 at 3:09pm
This week we had a report of someone calling a residence in the White County area posing as a Ben Lomand Connect representative. They asked the customer to verify personal information and threatened to remove all services for non-payment.
Ben Lomand Connect personnel will always identify ourselves and will go through a customer account authentication process, before discussing matters related to your account. Plus, the customer is welcome to stop the conversation at any point to call your local Ben Lomand Connect office number to confirm the representative’s name and the nature of the call.
We take our customer’s account information and privacy very seriously at Ben Lomand Connect and always strive to keep you both connected and protected.
Ben Lomand Connect
Ben Lomand ConnectWednesday, August 5th, 2020 at 10:09pm
Heat is the leading cause of weather-related deaths in most years. Protect yourself during extreme heat and stay #WeatherReady. #HeatSafety


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