Technical Support and Caller Solutions

The support you need while building and operating a broadband network

We’re not just taking calls. We’re solving your customers’ problems.

  1. Resolution: resolving your customers’ issues on the first call
  2. Customer Experience: creating a positive overall experience for your customers
  3. Support: providing critical support that allows you to focus on operations

Custom Knowledge Base

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The broadband business is always evolving, and our technicians stay on top of changes in technology. As new systems, devices and approaches are introduced, information is constantly added to an electronic knowledge base customized to your network. When your customers call for support, our technicians have a wealth of information at their fingertips to research error messages and quickly identify, troubleshoot and resolve customer issues. This collaborative knowledge base allows our team members to provide quality support with your company-specific data.

Fully Equipped Lab

Headset and keyboard

Sometimes the best way to help a customer troubleshoot their broadband connection is to simulate their particular setup and circumstance. We have invested in a comprehensive support lab that includes components from an ever-increasing number of vendors, enabling our team members to recreate a caller’s network setup — from ONTs, routers and security systems to set-top boxes, IP phone systems and more.

Brands of equipment in the lab:

  • Android
  • Apple
  • Calix
  • Cisco
  • Comtrend
  • Honeywell
  • Polycom
  • Roku
  • SR100
  • VisionNet
  • Zyxel

75 % reduction in truck rolls

Your organization could see up to 75% reduction in truck rolls.

93 % first call resolution

Your organization could see up to 93% first-call resolutions.

All you need to create an amazing customer service experience

  • Detailed Reports
  • 17+ Years Experience

A different approach

Electric Utilities and Broadband

As an electric distribution utility, you have a commitment to outstanding customer service. We match that commitment with our deep knowledge of technology and our years of experience to provide Technical Support and Caller Solutions to your customers.

Partner with a company that not only shares your customer philosophy, but also understands the challenges of supporting IP-based services.

WE UNDERSTAND BROADBAND. Network Support Services has the experience to walk your customers through the many issues that could impact their broadband services. "I'm getting a connection failure notification from my Wi-Fi thermostat." "My laptop won't connect to Wi-Fi." "I have no phone service." "The local channels won't show up on the bedroom TV." "My computer isn't connecting to the internet." "My smartphone/ tablet has stopped connecting." "I can't stream a movie over my Roku." "The battery backup is beeping." "The internet is so slow I can't upload photos to Facebook or watch YouTube videos."

Traditional Power Outage Reporting

Network Support Services also provides traditional reporting services for power outages. As your response center, we will take outage calls 24/7, after hours or only when you need overflow support. We will collect caller information and deliver it to you in a format that best meets your needs.