Business Broadband

Broadband internet is an essential part of business in the modern world. Businesses without broadband are at a definite disadvantage. Broadband improves your ability to communicate with employees, customers, and suppliers, and it can make just about every core function of your business more efficient.

  • Boost productivity — Faster internet speeds mean you can conduct business quicker and more efficiently, even at the busiest times of the day.
  • Online file sharing — Improve teamwork and collaboration with online file sharing. Broadband provides instant access to shared online workspaces and takes collaborative working to a whole new level.
  • Data storage and backup — Reduce the cost of computer hardware by combining hosted applications with online data storage and backup and you’ll dramatically reduce the cost of computer hardware.
  • HD and 3D video conferencing — Meet with your team or customers from anywhere with full HD videoconferencing. This capability will also help reduce travel costs and allow for working remotely.

These are just a few of the many ways broadband can improve your business. Ben Lomand Connect has plans for any size business.

Business Gig/Gig Fiber
$57.95* /mo
  • 1 Gbps download / upload speed

*Businesses outside of Ben Lomand Fiber areas please call for a free consultation and quote.