Broadband / Internet Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Internet?
The Internet is a worldwide network of computers. These computers contain huge amounts of information about any subject imaginable. You will be able to access this network via a local access telephone number, your personal computer, and a modem. You will be able to send electronic messages, download files, chat with others who have your interests, and do research on a variety of subjects.
How do I sign up and what is the cost?
You may submit a request online, sign up over the phone or at your nearest Ben Lomand Connect office. We provide you with a username and password and we do require a signature on the Internet form itself. If you sign up in person you can pick up your username and password while you are here.

You can also click HERE for Broadband & Fiber plans and pricing.

How long must I keep my Broadband service?
You may cancel your service at any time, but if you have had your service less than two (2) years and you signed an installation waiver, you will be billed the $99 installation fee.
How will I be billed?
Ben Lomand Connect customers will be billed on their monthly telephone bill.
What Broadband technology will Ben Lomand Connect be using?
Will analog modems or fax machines utilitze the same telephone line as Broadband?
Yes, fax machines and analog modems operate on the same frequency as POTS (plain old telephone service), therefore you should encounter no problems using the devices with Broadband.
What equipment will I have to purchase to use Broadband?
High speed Internet requires a compatible external ADSL, ADSL2 or ADSL2+ modem or a DSL router.
May I upgrade plans?
Yes. You may upgrade to another plan at any time with no set up charges. If you downgrade to a lower plan there is a $7.00 service charge.
What is the domain name for e-mail users?
Your E-mail address will be (yourusernamehere) or



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